12th AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals

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The 12th AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals is hosted by the American Meteorological Society and organized by the AMS Board for Early Career Professionals.

Presented by the Board for Early Career Professionals, the Twelfth Annual AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals will take place Sunday, January 28, and Monday, January 29, at the 104th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Baltimore, Maryland. The goal of the Early Career Conference is to inspire and empower young professionals in the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise. The conference will consist of interactive sessions and panels covering a wide breadth of topics, including tips on succeeding in the workplace, mental health, curriculum gaps and challenges, and more. 

Topics covered during this conference include: 

  • Creating and maintaining a professional (e-) resume
  • Parenting work/life balance
  • Online communication, social media, professionalism and best practices on social media
  • Work/Life balance and remote work
  • Transitioning from school to work
  • Open Science for Early Career Researchers: 
  • The Road Less Traveled - linking business education to science and vice versa

Because this conference focuses on the non-scientific aspects of being an early career professional, we are not soliciting abstracts. However, if you feel you have a unique perspective and would like to sit on a panel for one of the topics listed above please contact us.


Staying Connected - Creating and Maintaining a Professional (e-) Resume (Joint with the 23rd Annual Student Conference)

This interactive session is available on a first-come, first-served basis for registrants interested in their particular topics. To register for this session, please fill out this Google Form by Thursday, 25 January at noon Eastern. The session will take place Sunday, 28 January 2:00–3:45 PM Eastern.

Conference Contacts

For more information, please contact the program chair: Victoria Treadway ([email protected]).