Estimating Wind Speeds of Tornadoes and Other Windstorms

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The American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Meteorological Society will host the Symposium on ASCE/SEI/AMS Standards on Estimating Wind Speeds in Tornadoes and Other Windstorms, The purpose of this symposium is to inform the meteorological community of the severe environment wind estimating standards related work being undertaken by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Meteorological; Society. The symposium as envisioned will be composed of 3 sessions. 

  1. Introduction (Invited Presentations) 
  2. In-situ, Radar, photogrammetry, and EF Scale Chapters  
  3. Forensic, Treefall Patterns & Forest Damage, Remote Sensing-Based Condition Assessment and Data Archiving 

Call for Papers

Presentations and posters, both virtual and in-person, are being solicited from scientists and engineers working in extreme wind speed measurement and the members of the WES Committee and Working Group Members. 

Topics to be covered include:

    • In situ Observations 
    • Radar Observations 
    • EF Scale  
    • Forensic Engineering  
    • Treefall Pattern and Forest Damage  
    • Remote Sensing-Based Condition Assessment  
    • Data Archival 
    • Quality Assurance 

Conference Contacts

For further program information please contact the program chairs Gerald Mulvey, CCM ([email protected]) and James LaDue, ASCE/SEI ([email protected]).