Kuo-Nan Liou Symposium

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Kuo-Nan Liou Symposium

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Dr. Kuo-Nan Liou (1943-2021) was an eminent scientist in atmospheric physics and made a profound impact on the field for over half a century. As a leader, researcher, and educator in atmospheric sciences and related fields, Dr. Liou served as a true role model for many of us. This symposium aims to celebrate and honor Dr. Liou's legendary career, which has left an indelible mark on atmospheric and climate sciences, particularly in the area of atmospheric radiation. 

The Kuo-Nan Liou symposium is to celebrate the advancements in several frontiers where Dr. Liou made seminal contributions, including the theory of radiative transfer, the radiative and climate effects of clouds and aerosols, and the development of methods for inferring atmospheric and surface parameters through remote sensing. The symposium speakers are a group of researchers who and Dr. Liou directly or indirectly crossed their career paths. This event is a fitting tribute to a scientist who made a quantum leap in advancing the field of atmospheric radiation during his lifetime.


Call for Papers

This symposium will include the following four sessions: 

  1. Interactions among climate, radiation, clouds, aerosols, and surface
  2. Radiative transfer Theory & Spectroscopy 
  3. Remote Sensing of clouds, aerosols, and surface properties 
  4. Light Scattering and applications

Conference Contacts

For additional information, please contact the program chairs: Ping Yang ([email protected]), Qiang Fu ([email protected]), Rong Fu ([email protected]), and Yu Gu ([email protected]).