10th Conference on the Meteorological Application of Lightning Data

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Abstracts are due by 24 August 2020 at 11:59 PM EST

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The 10th Conference on the Meteorological Application of Lightning Data is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and organized by the Committee on Atmospheric Electricity

Call for Papers

  • Lightning Detection Technology, Sensor Intercomparisons, and Applications

  • Lightning Forecasting and Prediction

  • Lightning Measurements, Modeling, and Applications

  • Lightning and Cloud Processes: Microphysics, Electrification, Thunderstorm Kinematics, Dynamics, and Lightning

Joint Sessions

  • Effects of Convection and Lightning on Atmospheric Composition (With 23rd Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry)

  • Lightning Safety, Protection, and Injury Prevention (With 12th Conference on Environment and Health)

  •  07 Lightning Observations on a Global Scale (With 17th Annual Symposium on Operational Environmental Satellite Systems)

  • Lightning Hazard Guidance and Management at Airport and Range Locations (With 21st Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology)

Conference Contacts

For additional information, please contact the program chairs: Scott Steiger (email: scott.steiger@oswego.edu) and Elizabeth DiGangi (email: edigangi2008@gmail.com).