Ninth AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals

10 January 2021—11 January 2021

Ninth AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals

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Presented by the Board for Early Career Professionals (BECP), the Ninth AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals Conference will consist of a diverse mix joint sessions with other conferences and symposia. The Early Career Professionals Conference will provide you with several opportunities to encourage inclusive interactions with both attendees and invited early, mid, and late-career professionals involved in the Weather, Water, Climate, and Environmental enterprise.

Our Featured Sessions

Sessions will cover a variety of items that are of interest to new scientists, such as:

Creating and Experiencing Inclusive Environments – Joint session with the Ninth Early Career Conference and the DEI Symposium

AMS attendees are invited to come together to create and experience inclusive environments. What happens when people from different backgrounds, disciplines and perspectives see and interact with each other as valued friends and colleagues? In this improvscience experiential workshop, AMS Early Career Professionals and longtime Society members will explore simple, creative ways to cultivate diverse voices, equity, and inclusion.

Acquiring Certifications and Enhancing Skillsets through Professional Development and Adult Learning Opportunities – Joint session between the 30th Conference on Education and the Ninth AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals.

A Meteorologist, an Epidemiologist, a Seismologist, and a Volcanologist Walk into a Bar: Improving our own risk and impact communication by examining experiences from outside the weather, water, and climate enterprise  – Joint session between the Ninth Early Career Conference and the Ninth Symposium on the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise.

About the Conference

Attendees will gain a better understanding of where the society is heading, relate to their professional colleagues to foster better communication, and possess the tools necessary to stay relevant in the workforce as the BECP conference focuses on interdisciplinary topics not normally taught in academia and the workplace.

The Ninth AMS Conference for Early Career Professionals will be held as part of the 2021 Annual Meeting.  Registration for the Annual Meeting will include access to the Early Career Conference, a separate registration is not required.

Up-to-date information on the Early Career Professionals Conference can be found on Facebook (search “AMS Early Career Professionals”), Twitter (@AMSEarlyCareer), LinkedIn (search AMS-BECP), and Instagram (ams_becp).

Conference Contacts

For additional information, please contact the program chair: Bill Burkey ([email protected]).