Mesoscale Processes Across Scales: Engaging with Communities in the Physical and Social Sciences

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Mesoscale Processes Across Scales: Engaging with Communities in the Physical and Social Sciences
The aim of this special symposium on mesoscale processes across scales is to present the state of the science on mesoscale phenomena from the perspectives of understanding, prediction, and projection under the umbrella of the overall theme of the 2021 AMS annual meeting "Strengthening Engagement with Communities through our Science and Service".
Topics Covered:
The mesoscale symposium will feature both contributed and invited oral and poster presentations organized into a general session and the following special session topics (see session abstracts for more details):

  1. Mesoscale-Microscale interactions in the environment
  2. Downstream impacts of tropical cyclones
  3. Impacts of cloud seeding from the microscale to the mesoscale
  4. Ecological forecasting

Oral and poster presentations are also solicited on all aspects of mesoscale processes that span various scales, which include but are not limited to observational, theoretical, and modeling climate and weather-related studies of

  • Convective storm systems
  • Fronts and jets 
  • Gravity waves 
  • Turbulence
  • Orographic flows and rainfall
  • Tropical cyclones

Multiple submissions are allowed by individual authors. However, AMS policy limits participation to one oral presentation each (please note that additional submissions will be assigned as posters). The availability of oral presentations, however, will be limited given the time constraints of a one-day symposium. When submitting more than one abstract, authors are asked to specify which abstract they would prefer to be considered for oral presentation. 

Conference Contacts

For additional information, please contact the program chairs: Gretchen Mullendore (email: [email protected]), Steve Nesbitt (email: [email protected]), and Erin Munsell (email: [email protected]).