20th Conference on Middle Atmosphere

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts were due on August 8, 2018.

Author and Presenter Instructions

The 20th Conference on Middle Atmosphere is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and organized by the AMS Committee on Middle Atmosphere.

Topics Covered

Papers for this conference are solicited on the following:

  • aerosols in the stratosphere;
  • atmospheric reanalyses and long-term observational datasets for middle atmospheric studies;
  • future observations of the middle atmosphere: needs and capabilities;
  • impact of deep convection, volcanic eruptions and TTL processes on ozone and water vapor in the middle atmosphere;
  • modeling, predictability and teleconnections of the quasi-biennial oscillation;
  • transport and mixing in the upper troposphere and stratosphere;
  • and waves and circulation: connections across scales.

Joint Sessions

In addition, papers are solicited for the following joint sessions:

  • connections between tropical convection and the stratosphere (joint with 7MJO);
  • role of the stratosphere in climate variability, change, and prediction (Themed Joint Session) (joint with 32CVC);
  • stratospheric ozone, chemistry, and climate (Themed Joint Session)  (joint with 32CVC and 21AtChem)
    • *Dr. Paul Newman will be a Core Science Keynote Speaker at the beginning of this session. 
  • and whole atmosphere coupling during extreme events (joint with 16SpaceWx).

Student Award Opportunities

The Conference on Middle Atmosphere will host a student paper competition for both oral and poster presentations. Cash prizes and a certificate from AMS for first and second places will be awarded to first author students presenting their own original work. Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply for the competition. Students who wish to be considered for the completion must indicate their eligibility when submitting their abstracts. 

Need-based partial travel support will also be offered to help defray the costs of attending the conference. A short written statement (no more than one page) declaring financial need or circumstance, relevance of research to the conference, and how a student will benefit from attending the conference will be required. Travel awards should be submitted to Sean Davis (email: [email protected]) and Amy Butler (email: [email protected]).

Applications for travel awards must be received by 15 October 2018. Decisions will be made by 1 November 2018. Emails should use the subject line: “AMSAnnualMeeting2019_LastName_FirstName_Travel SupportRequest”.

To be eligible to apply for a travel or oral/poster award, each student applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • student must be full-time undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at a university;
  • student must be lead author, personally presenting the work;
  • and submission of an abstract must be to a session in which the Conference on Middle Atmosphere is either the lead conference or to a joint session involving the Conference on Middle Atmosphere.

Conference Contact(s)

For additional information, please contact the program chairs, Amy Butler (email: [email protected]) or Sean Davis (email: [email protected]).