Richard Anthes Symposium

Rick Anthes

To honor and celebrate Dr. Richard A. Anthes’ outstanding contributions to the atmospheric sciences community over the past half century through research, education and scientific program management, a Richard A. Anthes Symposium will be held on Wednesday, 9 January 2019, in Phoenix, Arizona,  in conjunction with the Centennial celebration of the American Meteorological Society. The Symposium will consist of a series of invited presentations and a panel discussion in the areas of numerical weather prediction, Global Navigation Satellite Systems remote sensing, hurricanes, and geoscience education and diversity, highlighting the contribution of Dr. Anthes to those fields. The Symposium will include an AMS Richard A. Anthes Luncheon. We encourage Dr. Anthes’ numerous colleagues, former students, and collaborators to participate in the Symposium, honoring him for his many contributions.

Topics Covered

Not soliciting papers for this symposium. 

Conference Contact(s)

The Richard Anthes Symposium is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society. For additional information please contact the program chairs Bill Kuo (email: [email protected]) or Rich Clark (email: [email protected]).