24th Conference on Applied Climatology

Abstract Submissions

Abstracts were due on August 8, 2018.

Author and Presenter Instructions

The 24th Conference on Applied Climatology is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society and organized by the AMS Committee on Applied Climatology

Topics Covered

Papers for this conference are solicited on the following:

  • best practices of building and being a trusted climate communication;
  • communicating with data users and the public;
  • reducing risk and building resilience through collaborative and interdisciplinary agroecosystem networks;
  • and using cloud services to enhance data access and increase resilience to extreme weather and climate events through innovative products and services.

Joint Sessions

Possible joint sessions include the following:

  • bridging the Valley of Death;
  • drought monitoring, early warning, and projection in the 21st century—beyond PDSI;
  • Phoenix as a sandbox for studying urban climate in arid regions;
  • too hot to handle: multidisciplinary perspectives on extreme heat as disaster (Themed Joint Session) (Joint with the 10th Conference on Environment and Health); 
  • understanding linkages between drought and public health: can we improve drought early warning?;
  • and pollen, climate, and respiratory health session.

Student Award Opportunities

The Committee of Applied Climatology is proud to award best student prizes for best student presentation, runner-up student presentation, best student poster, and runner-up student. These awards recognize outstanding student contributions based on an evaluation of both the submitted written paper and corresponding oral and poster presentation. Students are asked at the time of the abstract submission if they want to be considered for such awards.

Conference Contact(s)

For additional information, please contact the program chair Trent Ford (email: [email protected]).